Addressing growth needs for Start-Ups and Corporate transitions through
nimble finance & technology deployments

Our Approach

Being 'nimble' means we can identify problems in your processes and select and apply solutions without disrupting your work flow.

Finance Deployments

FTD's Finance Team includes CPAs, CFOs, Controllers, Accountants, and Bookkeepers. We assemble our deployment teams based on the client's needs, budget and using our nimble approach. more... 

Technology Deployments

FTD's Technology Team includes CTOs, CIOs, Developers, and other technology professionals.  We assemble our deployment teams based on the client's needs, budget and using our nimble approach. more...

Founder, Karen 'Paris' Hauter

You can currently find Paris sharing her insights through her new subscription-based publication service The Paris Report, featuring writings, interviews, commentary, and practical tools for CFOs, COOs, CTOs, and CPAs, in the changing landscape of technology, reorganization, IPOs/M&As/Start-ups, strategy, change management, personal advancement, as well as internal controls, SOX, staffing, women in the workplace, and other random issues. 

As Founder of FinTecDEPLOY,  Paris Hauter  assembled and managed teams that included operations, financial, and technology specialists.

She is a leading operations, financial, accounting and business development specialist focused on reorganizing emerging market start-ups and transitioning corporations for efficiency and best practices, including Sarbanes Oxley implementations. more...

Market Insights

We've been receiving requests from clients and the industry for helpful tips and best practices. We'll be covering those topics and more at The Paris Report.