Finance Deployments

FTD's finance team includes CPAs, CFOs, Controllers, Accountants, and Bookkeepers.  We assemble our deployment teams based on the client's needs, budget and to be as nimble as possible.  In this case, 'nimble' means we can identify problems in your processes and select and apply solutions without disrupting your work flow.

FinTecDeploy Solutions

  • Select, implement & train on ERP systems
  • Select, implement & train on support systems for Travel & Entertainment
  • Create databases for critical information
  • Create Policies and Procedures using best practices
  • Create blueprint and implement transitions from manual processes to software efficiencies
  • Build-out/reduce accounting and finance staff
  • Assist in valuation & exit strategies - including M&A and IPO
  • Implement Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) for transition from private sector to SEC reporting
  • Conversions to paperless workflow
  • Conversion from checks to ACH environments

Fortune 5000 - Common Issues

  • Ineffective accounting dept
  • Deficient ERP & support systems
  • CFO/Controller transitions
  • Inefficient process workflows
  • Lack of nimble thinking

Emerging Market/Start-ups - Common Issues

  • Lack of proper staffing
  • Inefficient process workflows
  • Poorly implemented ERP systems
  • No CFO/Controller
  • Lack of proper reporting structure
  • Need to prep for pre-IPO Regs
  • Need to prep for post-IPO SOX

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